Monday, April 9, 2012


Finally got a bit of shippage live winning the JP Masters two weeks ago. Feels like a huge monkey off my back after winning the Irish Classic in 2009 and not really doing anything live since.I really was happier with this win then my first one as I feel I got a lot of respect from my fellow players after coming trough a really tough field. The numbers were really small with only 88 players starting but there wasn't really any value at any of the tables.I flipped good throughout and played real good and it was what I was most happy about. Had a really rough few weeks previous to the event with a massive life change happening and I was glad how I put my personal shit to the back of my head and got on it with it like a pro!! Couple of key hands was 1 against Andreas Hoivold were i flopped a set on a 3 spade board and got 3 streets from him getting a full double up. I flipped good against Sean Prendeville when I got it in on the turn with a pair and a flush draw against his top pair, top kicker and made two pair on the river. Won a big pot from Bomber Nolan when i turned a house and he rivered a straight just on the bubble. Don't really have any hands from the FT of note,was just chipping away and playing a TAG game which i opened up three handed and somehow got the title!!

Headed home straight after the tournament on the Sunday but wasn't finished slaying the vikings yet as I was back up the road on Thursday to play the Fitz EOM and cash @ the Norwegian Poker Championship.My God this was some sight to behold.....1000 boozed up Norwegians all in one room.....made the Irish Open look like the Macau 5k gtd. Fair play to JP bringing the event to our shores,as Nicky Power tweeted 'He should get a knighthood from Bord Failte'.Went out Fitz EOM 3 tables left and won 2 buy ins playing cash so paid for trip up. Wished I could of stayed up there for longer but a family bereavement meant I had to come back to Cork on the Friday.

Next up is the big one, the Irish Open. Every Irish poker player yearns for this title and the day you get knocked out of it is one of the most depressing days of the year. Arrived up very late on Thursday night to avoid the bar and to take it handy before the tournament. My starting table was real good,with loads of soft spots at the table and i chipped up to 29k fairly handy. I was real card dead all day and lost a few pots in level 4 to take me down to starting stack and next thing i knew i had 16k without really doing anything wrong. We played 3 levels in a row 3/4/5 before a break and towards end of level 5 i was tired and hungry and i think it has something to do with my exit when I make a pretty horrible shove with bottom pair into a set to an aggro guy who had played 2 rounds of the table and 3bet 5/6 times.I'm not going to let it get to me as hopefully ill be back with some good news from Nottingham,where I'm going over to play the UKIPT.GL MEEEEE!!!!Big commiserations to Craig Burke as well who i mentioned in my last Blog about straight bubbling  the Irish Open,sure there will be a lot more for him though..

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