Monday, April 9, 2012


Finally got a bit of shippage live winning the JP Masters two weeks ago. Feels like a huge monkey off my back after winning the Irish Classic in 2009 and not really doing anything live since.I really was happier with this win then my first one as I feel I got a lot of respect from my fellow players after coming trough a really tough field. The numbers were really small with only 88 players starting but there wasn't really any value at any of the tables.I flipped good throughout and played real good and it was what I was most happy about. Had a really rough few weeks previous to the event with a massive life change happening and I was glad how I put my personal shit to the back of my head and got on it with it like a pro!! Couple of key hands was 1 against Andreas Hoivold were i flopped a set on a 3 spade board and got 3 streets from him getting a full double up. I flipped good against Sean Prendeville when I got it in on the turn with a pair and a flush draw against his top pair, top kicker and made two pair on the river. Won a big pot from Bomber Nolan when i turned a house and he rivered a straight just on the bubble. Don't really have any hands from the FT of note,was just chipping away and playing a TAG game which i opened up three handed and somehow got the title!!

Headed home straight after the tournament on the Sunday but wasn't finished slaying the vikings yet as I was back up the road on Thursday to play the Fitz EOM and cash @ the Norwegian Poker Championship.My God this was some sight to behold.....1000 boozed up Norwegians all in one room.....made the Irish Open look like the Macau 5k gtd. Fair play to JP bringing the event to our shores,as Nicky Power tweeted 'He should get a knighthood from Bord Failte'.Went out Fitz EOM 3 tables left and won 2 buy ins playing cash so paid for trip up. Wished I could of stayed up there for longer but a family bereavement meant I had to come back to Cork on the Friday.

Next up is the big one, the Irish Open. Every Irish poker player yearns for this title and the day you get knocked out of it is one of the most depressing days of the year. Arrived up very late on Thursday night to avoid the bar and to take it handy before the tournament. My starting table was real good,with loads of soft spots at the table and i chipped up to 29k fairly handy. I was real card dead all day and lost a few pots in level 4 to take me down to starting stack and next thing i knew i had 16k without really doing anything wrong. We played 3 levels in a row 3/4/5 before a break and towards end of level 5 i was tired and hungry and i think it has something to do with my exit when I make a pretty horrible shove with bottom pair into a set to an aggro guy who had played 2 rounds of the table and 3bet 5/6 times.I'm not going to let it get to me as hopefully ill be back with some good news from Nottingham,where I'm going over to play the UKIPT.GL MEEEEE!!!!Big commiserations to Craig Burke as well who i mentioned in my last Blog about straight bubbling  the Irish Open,sure there will be a lot more for him though..

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reassessing things......

There has been a lot happened with since my last blog.TCOOP's and UKIPTS  have flown  by and gone. TCOOP was an anticlimax for me as i didn't get a run in much of the events,down to the most part of losing flips and playing bad.I started off with full intentions to play as much of the events as i could but when week 2 started  morale was at an all time low and has really continued in this vain. So fuckin sick of online poker at the moment, as soon as i had come back from UKIPT, i quit my coaching/staking deal as i feel the coach is a nit and really isn't helping me.I have gone from a profitable player to a player that goes on 100 buy in downswings. Obviously the coach isn't all to fault here as I have also been playing shite but it really seems like what he has taught me has affected my overall game and I'm finding myself in spots where 6 months ago i would have no problem with,now having serious problems. I'm questioning my game and really thinking I'm not good enough to do it profitably and for a living. Big statement i know but its how i feel and until i get the love for online back again don't think there is much point playing 10 tables 4 nights a week if your just gonna hate your life after it. Anyone have similar experiences please holla at me because this homey needs to eat!!!I have decided I'm gonna play a bit of live cash for a while putting in 3 sessions last week,with 2 winning sessions so hopefully i can continue this run

UKIPT Galway was as unenjoyable for me as possible. Main event had AA,KK and QQ busted in 1st level and was down to 7k fairly quick from a 15k starting.Busted level 3 with the 14 outer and that was that. Made a bad shove in 300 game with KK on a J76J board, obviously he had the J. Turbos didn't go to plan either up there.Next stop for me is the Macau Paddy's deepstack tournament which has a 20k starting stack and 30 min levels Day 1 and 40 min Day 2. My favourite place to play in Ireland and Ken always runs a good festival. On a lighter note, weight loss is going good. Joined gym last week and after 5 sessions down 1/2 stone so i might complete one of my five 2012 goals of all. Big shout out to Craig Burke last week as well on his 4th at the UKIPT. Craig is a guy who has worked hard at his game over the years and really deserves his finish as he is a really good solid player who rarely does spewtard things like me :) Gilly with another 2nd showing why this guy is full of class.He must have the sickest Henson Mob around!! 3 scores,2nd UKIPT Dublin/Galway and 3rd in WPT...niceeeeeeee

Monday, January 16, 2012


Thank foook Xmas and New Year is over with.Had a few good nights out ending with BIGMICKG and his mrs Helen coming down to myself and Ann Marie for NYE. Great night which ended up with me playing luckymo32 HU at 6:30 in the morning on while drinking lots of Havana club 5. Didn't play too much over Xmas apart from a couple of live Sat's in casino for IPC and WPT. Shipped the IPC ticket and no joy in WPT sat. As the IPC was a side event of WPT myself, Trevor Dinneen and Macau local Ger Fleming drove up on the Friday before the tournament started. My starting table had Marc Macdonnell and the always entertaining Paul Marrow and was fairly uneventful  for me until the 2nd level when I raise up UTG with J7c (1st mistake) get 3 bet by  Dutch dude UTG+1, Mark Macdonnell calls and I flat (2nd mistake). Flop Qh9c8c, I flop the owl guterball and flush draw. Im sick I'm OOP here and elect to lead out the flop after dwelling for a minute or two. Dutch dude 3 bets me, Mark gets outta the way and I elect to flat but fold d turn if i miss because I felt he was super strong and I would  have to play for stacks. 5c on turn and I check, he bets and i shove. He snaps me off with QQ and binks the quads on the river. Down to 7k and i slow play queens and lose another 3k. I get back up to 10k getting it in with AK vs A2 on an AAx flop. Then I just murder the rest of my stack getting it in with QJ on a KTx flop with absolutely no fold equity whatsoever. Always making these dumb plays in live tourneys and really have to snap out of it. The 250 game was annoying as i ran my KK into AA and QQ after a couple of hours. Well done to Gilly who came 3rd in  the WPT with a great run and Trevor who FT the 250.

Looking forward to this week online with the TCOOP starting and flash series on as well. As much as id like to call myself a POKER PLAYER, im not..I'm just a turbo donkey who knows his shoving/calling ranges and my results shows that. I asked my coach why am I winning so much in Turbos and losing so much in standard and he said cuz I'm a bad post flop player...Bit of a kick in the goolies but he is graphs for turbo is like this..........

and my graph for standard is this......

At least i have something to work towards..So u can stick ur WCOOP's,SCOOP's and even WSOP's...its all bout the TCOOP for me. Had a good week in general online with a couple of FT bubbles and a shippage scooping 2.1k for a $2 2x turbo. Good luck all to everyone playing the series and a special good luck to Fox and Eddie Walsh for there upcoming  annual tournament in Clane. IPPF should be a great weekend and hopefully they get the numbers.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Xmas Rush.....

Couldn't wait to get back to the online grind last week after Macau Xmas festival.The festival didn't go as plan in both tourneys going out 10th in SH by somehow getting out kicked when i called a river 1.5x pot bet with bottom pair for 65% of my chips. Dude was a maniac and  I would prob do it again in that spot, rest of em went in when 9T couldn't beat 77 and K6. The ME started very well for me when i chipped up in 1st 2 levels to 28k...then lost a chunk when my QQ was flushed against AK.Went out in 300-150 25a level when i was playing 33 BB and raised 2.5x MP with 56s,English guy on my left flats and Albert Kenny flats in BB. Flop T56 Bingo,Bango,Bongo...BB checks,I check because i had been playing with English dude all day and likes to rep in position...he bets 2.1k into 2.5k pot,BB flats and i shove 9.5k original bettor folds and BB calls with KT and u know the rest.GG me. Big Wd to Jamie Flynn for shipping the loot. Plenty more from him in the future me thinks.

The week started Online as it had finished with me still losing but playing really well so was looking forward to one of the biggest Sundays i have ever played online. The fields were so sick and super soft and got loads of deep runs. Lost a pot for top 5 in chips in Big22 with about 400 left when i flopped middle set vs straight. $9.90 FT paid only Turbo Fergal Nealon (Midnitekowby) and myself were 1st and 2nd in chips with 10 left and i somehow bubbled running AA into 77 and AT into A4. The Sunday million was the biggest anticlimax ever for me as i lasted the whole of 30 mins,getting it in with a table maniac playing a 67/37 with AK vs 34h on an Ax 5h 6h board,He obviously got it the diiiirty way with running 4's. I could have folded but i was pretty sure i was at worst against a draw and i think he wud play AQ-AT same way,even if i didnt have a big sample of hands on him. My last 2k went with AK vs KQ. As you can see i was holding on to my run good for the $16.50 27k turbo were i came 4th for 3.3k and recoup all my loses for last month. Was really happy up  cuz i played well,coming through a 4200 runner field and ended shoving 15bb with AJ and getting called by 4's.Last tourney of night i was deep in $8 12k and came like 29th out of another 4,000+ field. I was pissed off with myself over going out of that because i made a shove that i really didn't need to do and could of definitely waited.

Have a few sessions planned over Xmas which will hopefully get messy so looking forward to them and not sure yet am i going to play WPT but will definitly play IPC. Pretty disapointing its a SE of WPT for the shear fact this is a  prestigious tournament and should be the focal festival of the year for the Galwegians. Hope everyone has a great Xmas and New Year and i will be back in Jan to tell of my WPT shippage........

Monday, December 5, 2011

Twas a long ass year...............

As my title will tell you, 2011 wasnt the best of years for me. Took a few months off from Dec 10 - Feb 11 and when i came back playing i ran/played really bad for 2 mths and basically done by bankroll by late April. I can be quite lazy in my approach to poker ex:conditions/mood and life tilt really wasnt helping.Never really got back going and although having a winning year online,live poker has really sucked  and got like 1 cash all year.It was a FT of Irish Classic but another bad year overall live. Cant seem to get the run of the felt in mid late stages of tourney's (was between 1 -10 of the money 10 times in ME in 18 months). These national live events carry so much value but they come at a price when your on the wrong side of variance. My Hendon Mob is embarrassing to say the least!!!!

My reasons for doing this blog are simple: I WANT TO START CRUSHING. By me doing this blog i feel like i have something to work towards and at the moment i will do anything to try and improve my game to get it at the heights I expect from myself. I've started with a coach i found on Pocket Fives at the start of November and have gone on my biggest downswing since i started playing on Pokerstars. Had a convo with him last night and he said its common enough as im trying to get my head around a different style and not picking the right spots to do it but it will all come good..... Hopefully before i move into a cardboard box :) With that in mind i'm gonna give myself a few goals for 2012:

  1.  Ten Hendon Mob Cashes in 2012..........tough but very achievable
  2.  Play minimum of 200 hrs per month grinding online
  3.  Get at least 4 hrs coaching online each week
  4.  Play an EPT
  5.  Get down to 12 stone.....

Might as well start early with ur New Year promises. This week im taking a break from online with having a 2k downswing  in last month or so.
Macau's Xmas festival this week so will play the 200 SH on Wednesday night and 500+50 ME on Day 1A. Love these festivals, always get a run in them so hopefully will have some good news for you next week. As this is my 1st Post on my blog all comments are welcome good/bad and wud appreciate a bit of CONSTRUCTIVE critisim!!!!!!